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In 2013, front-end engineer Brad Forst used this theory in interface design to form a design system consisting of 5 levels: atoms, molecules, organizations, templates, and pages.

Why do we always talk about Atomic Design?

Solely these 4 things below: Consistent, Clear, efficient, smooth communication will save a company 30-50% or more money in software/web development.

1. Consistent

Why is user experience so important?

User experience refers to how a product connects with the outside world and plays a role, that is, how people "contact" it, "use" it, the comfort of interaction between people and products, and the effective communication between people and products.

User experience design usually…


At MockGrid, we craft engaging human connection via digital experience. We specialize in agile modern web design and development for Ecom, SaaS, and B2B company

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